Music — 24 October 2011
Get Ready For….Mobb Deep

Despite their tough talk and clear disdain for the ladies (at least, lyrically), I’m a super-fan of Mobb Deep. The duo’s gritty instrumentals, awe-inducing storytelling and cowboy-level beat riding had me from “Juvenile Hell.” Lucky us, they are coming to Chicago to perform for a 21-and-over crowd at the , presumably to present us with over a decade of excellent albums. To get you revved up for their arrival, I present you a gift. Check out the first of many in my “Get Ready for….” series in which I take you on a musical journey through visiting artists’ repertoire. Please note: I avoid the so-called radio bangers because..well…you’ve heard them a lot.

So here we go, the majority are clean edits but be ready to cover young ears in some cases. If you weren’t a fan of the Infamous Mobb before, I think you may be a convert after this….

You ready for the M-O-B-B yet? Add your requests to the playlist and I’ll try and get it in. See you at the show!




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