Music — 27 October 2011
Rihanna’s “We Found Love” Not a Valentine to Chris Brown

Sorry, I think y’all are reading too much into this Rihanna video. Pop the trunk on the controversy here.


Rather than a subversive Valentine to her ex, Chris Brown, it seems more like a very creative, Train Spotting-inspired look at a bad romance.

Mind you, I’m not suggesting that Brown’s imprint isn’t on this.  I mean, check out this blonde-haired lanky dude that stars as her man.  But I think Rihanna (and the director of the video) are providing a warning, rather than reveling in what happened to her.

In this case, the couple’s drug habit seems to be what keeps them together, and eventually, apart.  In Rihanna and Chris’s case, the “drug” might have been fame.

Ri Ri’s trying to be creative and we need to support that, instead of protesting every single statement she makes.

She needs to do something with that pain…it’s better than going back to Chris, right?





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