Social Media — 24 October 2011
Tag, You’re an Idiot

The Kyles Files loves Facebook and the Facebook fam who come to my page every day. We have a great time, a fabulous time really, and it’s a great way to share ideas and thoughts.

But I do not love all the things that are going on inside Facebook, particularly as it comes to shameless self promotion. Sure, you can let me know about an event or tag me in a note every now and again, but I do not typically tag people– unless it’s in a sanctioned photo or post– because I know how annoying it can be to feel like Facebook is the new QVC. And believe me, I have a lot of stuff I’d like you to read. I just trust that you’ll read it if you want to.

How I wish others felt the same.

To that end, I created the following rules of FB engagement, as it pertains to self-aggrandizement of any kind. Let me know if you think these rules are fair…or don’t go far enough. Leggo!

  • 1. Do not tag anyone in a photo of a shoe, handbag, bookbag, hat, jersey or other object unless they designed said object and asked you to promote it. (If you don’t get what I mean, you should probably deactivate your Facebook account and go sell things near the entries/exits of expressways from now on.)
  • 2. Do not tag everyone in a note, even if you have remixed the Iliad and think everyone needs to read your genius. If it’s such hot fire, why not just put it on your wall and let it stand? Believe me, your friends will see it, and if they are interested, they’ll read it. I put up notes and get plenty of feedback without tagging a soul.
  • 3. Do not put your events on your friends’ walls. Why? Because it is literally like going to your friend’s house and writing about your birthday party in spray paint on their garage. It’s likely they won’t RSVP “yes” in the face of this madness. I think of my FB wall as my personal canvas and you’ve got one you can scribble on. Savvy?
  • 5. Do not tag people in your event fliers. This is no better than placing events on other folks’ walls. It is the virtual equivalent of sneaking around putting fliers on people’s cars while they are inside the club. I personally hate that, and make it a point to toss nuisance fliers into the nearest trash receptacle post haste. I do it virtually when this happens to me on Facebook. Delete!

What are your pet peeves about Facebook tagging and posts? Share them, or defend your practices, below. Tag, you’re it.




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