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All the Way to Heaven: RIP Heavy D



It is always a tragedy to lose a hip-hop icon.

Particularly sad when that icon is only 44 years old.

Credit: US Weekly

Rap lost a dancer, wordsmith and actor tonight, due to a yet-unspecified ailment, according to TMZ, which broke the story about Heavy D aka Dwight Arrington Myers.

Heavy had just put on a dazzling performance at the BET Awards 2011, proving one of the absolute highlights of the show.  He slid across the stage, hopped and bopped as he always had– proving that a big man can bust a move.


And his wordplay…clever, but not filthy and in your face. Sure, Mr. Is-it-Good-To-You had some sexually themed songs, but he was one of those rappers your mom could listen to and it didn’t cost him a dime of street cred.  His was one of the first concerts I ever got to attend, and he was amazing.

I’m currently looking for deejays and producers who can cook up a fitting tribute to Heavy D, preferably in an mp3 or link I can place on this spot.  Send contenders to me via the “submit” button on the lower right of this page, or e-mail me at kyra@thekylesfiles.com.

(Nice tribute from J-Finesse added 11/8/2011 at 10:30 p.m. care of Twitter fam @enhardy629)

RIP, Heavy D.  Your talents and place in hip-hop history will never be forgotten.

UPDATE: Wendell “Theori” Tucker, a local playwright I respect and admire, is going to do a Heavy D tribute during his hip-hop centric “I Still Love H.E.R.” performance this weekend at the Athenaeum Theatre.  Visit this site for details and Theori happens to be offering a Groupon (two-for-one admission) to ensure your attendance. 

Your turn: Share your reaction or your favorite Heavy D. song.  Mine is “You Can’t See What I Can See.”






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