Track-off — 01 November 2011
Track-off’s Back: Local MC, Singers and Rockers, Game On

**Meek Mills voice** Track-off’s back, track-off’s back!  That’s right, Kyles Filers, the online competition I created in 2009 has a new home.  It’s been about a month since the last bout, and that was back in my RedEye days, but I know you know that I wasn’t done.  This contest has brought too much good music to the forefront and the mission continues.

For those of you who are new to the track-off, this is a weekly online battle of rockers, rappers and singers from, or living in, Chicago.  Voters have between 12 a.m. CST to 11:59 CST to vote. The winner got online bragging rights and a mention in the media.  I only accepted clean (radio-edit) versions of songs and competitors were limited to entering once a month.  The entry consists of an e-mail to my contest with an MP3 of the song, song title, artist/producer/band name and a high rez photo.  (For high rez newbies, that means, don’t send tiny versions of the original photo better suited for your Facebook or MySpace page.)  I only accept the best of the best, so bring your A-game.  I also try to match music by genre and sound, so don’t get antsy if you aren’t pulled from the pile right away.

Those rules still stand, so please bookmark this page and read over it before you send your song.  What’s new is that I am considering doing two track-offs per week and allowing some outta towners to compete.  (Don’t worry, Windy City folks will always get first dibs whenever possible.) The goal is to expand and partner with a national media outlet and get artists even more recognition than before.  I’m also working with some people who want to have track-off artists perform at big venues, festivals and even set up a standalone track-off event series limited to the city’s tastemakers and scene-setters.

So while we’re working on all that, I’m going to kick things off the first week of November with the first track-off to hit my official Kyles Files site.  Spread the word and make sure quality artists are entering the arena.  The track-off mission continues, and whether you are an artist or a voter, you’re key to its success.

Ready, set, track-off!!!!




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