Culture — 25 November 2011
Violence Breaks Out on Black Friday: Seriously, 99-ers?

Come on…are you kidding me, here?

I already despise Black Friday and the darkness it brings out in humankind, but this here is ridiculous.  Check out this Fox report about violence breaking out over flat-screen TVs, video games and whatever ridiculously overpriced toys all the tots are clamoring for this holiday season.

Updated: A man died and shoppers walked around his body.

Don’t get me started on this bean-head who decided to pepper spray her rivals in a store over an XBox, according to this Reuters article. 

It seems particularly nonsensical to me that this kind of rabid consumerism is going on at the same time as Occupy movements are decrying the 1%.  Do you think the 1% is in line with you awaiting a deal on an LCD TV so they can sink another foot into debt?

(Giving you a minute to look around if you’re still out there.)

Answer: hell naw.

All 99ers as far as the eye can see, I’ll bet.

SMHH (Shaking My Head Hard).

This Black Friday foolishness needs to stop. We can’t complain about corporate greed while living out the principles of consumer greed.

Loving this reaction from Pamela Sutton, official Facebook fam:

Patience is a virtue”….that’s what I’m saying after looking at these fools on the news pushing, shoving and spraying pepper spray just to buy gifts. That’s not the true meaning of Christmas people!!!

You’re better off camping out in front of City Hall than Walmart.

Your turn: You let me know if I”m out of line.  (I mean, I am physically out of line because I’ve never seen any parts of Black Friday, but you know what I mean….)  Is this a time to treat yourself?  Is Black Friday helping the economy?  Or do we all need to get snapped back to our senses and back away from the discount electronics?’






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