Celebrities Social Media — 13 December 2011
Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown and Other Social Media Stupid


I mean: wow.

Charlie Sheen.

How social media stupid do you have to be to Tweet your phone number to a million-plus people?

I guess I have to throw him a bone here.  Sheen is fairly new to Twitter.  He was swept into the technology tidal wave by his…um…fans last year after his Two and a Half flameout and now it appears he has hit a rip tide.

Trying to send a direct message to none other than Justin Bieber, Mr. Tiger Blood instead sent it to the masses.

He now joins the Hallowed Hall of nubes who no more belong on social media than the Kardashians belong on TV.  It is otherwise inhabited by these stooges:

Alec Baldwin

It pains me to write this, as Alec is one of my Silver Foxes, an elite squad of older gents that make me swoon.  But Alec acted a complete and utter clown earlier this week, using Twitter to go to war with American Airlines after he was ousted from a flight for playing a word game near take-off time.  He deleted some of the offending messages, but come on, son.  You’re a celeb…You know someone is going to screen save it…The only redeeming aspect of this most recent flap is it brought about this hee-larious SNL sketch.  (Who puts hee-larious and SNL in the same sentence anymore?)  That doesn’t earn him a reprieve, though.  I am still rather peeved at him for going online to defend his teen daughter’s use of the n-word and then using it himself, dubbing it de-fanged  Alec, you know better than that. Ireland may be a kid, but a grown ass man knows better than to toss the n-word around, lyrical shoutout or no.

Chris Brown

Breezy’s career is in full effect, and he continues to woo the ladies with such chart-topping romantic warblings as “Wet the Bed.”  But the one place — other than “Good Morning America” and on “Larry King Live”– C-Brown has no luck is online.  He is known to go full H.A.M….we are talking prosciutto on fellow artists in caps-lock filled fights.  Recall his epic battle with the unwitting Frank Ocean who clearly didn’t know what he was doing when he misunderstood a Chris Brown compliment and responded by calling the Blond One a young Ike Turner.  I’m sure you can guess what happened next.  After all, Brown once went to war with Wal-mart via his @mechanicaldummy account for supposedly under-stocking his album.  But if you don’t have good guessing skills, here’s how it played out.

50 Cent

Bully doesn’t even begin to touch what 50 Cent is on Twitter.  Misogynist, instigator and overall Wild West villain are a good start.  Fif has gone to war with Ja Rule, Ciara, and the country of Japan…and that’s during a slow spot in his timeline.   Sometimes I wish he’d spill Vitamin Water on whatever device he is using to send these terrible Tweets.


Almost got Barbie-qued when she mistook a Nicki Minaj mention in “Did It On ‘Em” for an insult and took to downing hip-hop’s vixen fem-cee of the hour.  Cher’s misdirected Tweet indicating Minaj is flash in the pan made her a moving target.  I felt sorry for the “Life After Love” diva who was digitally drubbed by quite a few members of Team Barbie.  I bet she wished she could turn back time.

Sinead O’Connor

The original beautiful baldie (sorry, Amber Rose) seemed to make Twitter into her personal, skeevy Craig’s List ad, recently putting out a call for sex that would make the weird clubkid Stefan character on SNL blush.  Maybe Sinead will find her bedroom desire sated by her new hubby.  If he’s smart, one of their vows will be for her to get the hell off Twitter and stay off. She did say she quit after her Tweets were misunderstood (blank stare), but I think– like Chris Brown before her– it’s only a matter of time before she comes back.

Your turn: Who should stay off Twitter and why?  Feel free to call out relatives and friends.  :)






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