Celebrities Culture — 18 February 2012
Das Racist Round-up: Jeremy Lin, Chicago Teacher Fights to Say N-word, and Other Tomfoolery

It looks like the Kyles Files is about to have to open the doors of the woodshed because there is some flagrant tomfoolery, of the racial variety, going down in pop culture.

It will not stand.

So prepare yourselves for a full metal jacket assault.  It starts.  Now.

(1) Linsanity

Yes, Linsanity can refer to the fervor stirred up against the athlete of Taiwanese descent, or it can refer to the cultural cluelessness exhibited by some, including the mainstream media, who apparently have no idea how to compliment his skills on the court without slipping in a side of racial bias.  I am almost embarrassed to link to some of these incidents, which include this ham-handed treatise on racism in sports which inadvertently contained its own stereotypical ‘graph.

Has race been on people’s minds? Yes. You stick out on the court when you’re the only Asian face. While there are Asian-Americans playing in the NFL and Major League Baseball, the NBA is different. Maybe I’m guilty of stereotyping as well, but this is a game dominated by black athletes like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. If a Chinese-American guy can hold his own against the best athletes in the world, wow!

And let’s not forget this unfortunate graphic. 

**blank stare**

But that isn’t the worst of it.  Look at what ESPN served up in the form of a horrible headline.  This isn’t just plain “duh” behavior…this is absolutely offensive, and must stop.

So, in closing: People of earth, calm yourselves.  Yes, Lin’s rise in the NBA  is worth celebration.  Breaking racial barriers is always worth celebration, as frankly, it is part of the American dream.  But have we learned nothing from some of the stupid comments made about Tiger Woods, Venus and Serena Williams, and others some decades ago?  Use your common sense when reporting about these topics, and if you don’t have any, borrow some.  Moving on…

(2) Civil Rights Fight…to Say the N-word

I’m embarrassed to say this joker, a teacher at Murray Language Academy, is from my hometown of Chicago.  Though I do not gather he is a racist, from the Sun-Times account of his pay suspension for using the n-word during a class.  I do think that he should serve the suspension for trying to take on a lesson that might have best been taken on by a parent.

Further, for him to sue to use the word in class and have this announced during Black History Month?  Poor timing, I’ m sure.  But I’d hate for his suit to set a precedent.  He said his character has been assailed.

Welp, at least he’s not this guy from back in 2006. (Please note the look on the face of the TV reporter, who is black, while the teacher is explaining his attempt at hippity hop language.)

(3) Mexico 

I hate to do this, as my mother is a retired (and awesome) teacher, but yet another individual in the academic sphere mucked up royally.  I cannot believe this woman told a student to “go back to Mexico.” Peep the science right here.   She says she was tired, under pressure, anxious, etc., the student in question was nagging her but my Gawd.  It has to be in you to come out of you, I always say.  I do not think she deserves her job back until she has had some kind of sensitivity training.

(4) Buchanan Bounced

And now for the only bright spot in this round-up. Someone finally realized that Pat Buchanan was on some serious “take back the country” madness and “took back” his job on MSNBC.  This, after it became clear that his book with titles — including the End of White America– was probably on the Ku Klux Klan’s Kindle list.  (Just imagine if Native Americans penned a similar scroll.  At least, they would be justified in decrying the End of Native America.) The suits at MSNBC are only a decade late with the pink slip, but hey, wanted to end on a positive note.  #happyblackhistorymonth






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