Film — 04 April 2012
Commercial Interruption: Mary J. Blige’s Burger King FAIL and Other On-Air Embarrassments


Looks like Mary J. Blige has a little ‘splainin’ to do.

The queen of hip hop soul might lose her crown after a much-maligned Burger King commercial in which she was singing (badly, I might add) about the innards of a fried chicken wrap.  Many a site has taken time out to clown her for perceived buffoonery this week, Hip Hop Wired and Madame Noire, included.  It has been said that the glamorous songbird brought to mind many negative stereotypes about African Americans and fried chicken.

Burger King has since buried this ad deep, and it takes quite an effort to find it.  (Yet, I did, h/t to Hip Hop Wired. Watch for yourself with this link.)

But I think it’s fair to point out, Mary isn’t the only one who should have asked: Is this a wise move, not only for my career, but for society?

Check out some other folks who could have used some commercial interruption:

1.  Spending Spree

This poor woman allowed herself to be a pawn of politics in this Superbowl ad, dubbed “Debbie Spend It Now” and I know she wishes she could break YouTube to end this infinite loop of embarrassment.  Who is her agent?  And how long has he been exiled for?  Whatever it is…triple it.

2. Nimrods with Attitudes

What were these two fools thinking ’bout appearing in a PepsiMax ad that emphasized every stereotype about angry black women and scared wandering-eye husbands everywhere?  Maybe the director was their friend, but come on, son.  How good a friend?  Organ-donating level?  Had to be…



3. Presidential Suite

This isn’t racially questionable in any way, but I had to include this because everyone looks hella stupid in Value City commercials.  At least the powdered wigs partially hide their shame.

What do you think of MJB’s commercial?  Did she open herself up to cultural stereotyping?  Or is it a harmless ad and you don’t see what the deal is?  Let me know….




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