Culture Music — 07 April 2012
Nicki Minaj Has Lost Her Barbie Brain: Beez in the the Trap


What are you doing, ma?  Really, please stop listening to the din of Barbie fans and thirsty Stans and talk to your fellow female phenoms for a sec…

**Blank stare**

Have you all seen this silly video with Miss Minaj working her prominent cakes like she wants to headline at Magic City? 

Is she a rapper or the next Amber Rose?

More importantly, would any male rapper with this level of success be caught slumming this hard to attract fans of the opposite sex? Even the shirtless crew– Nelly, LL and co– had much more respect for themselves and their art.

And the questionable cake shaking while an emerging rapper looks on? (Where the hell is his cat suit, huh?)

Would a male MC ever? Drake? Wayne? Ross?  Nelly? Anybody? No cake shake? Not even a lil’ bit?

That’s what I thought.

And I’mma need at least 101 comments because Nicki says in the lyrics: “a hundred mother[bleepers]” can’t tell her nothin’.







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