Culture — 10 May 2012
President Obama Backs Gay Marriage: You Mad, Bro?

For all those outraged at the news that President Obama has officially embraced the notion of gay marriage, I must say, I pity you.

With all that is going on in this country, including joblessness, depressed housing prices, and crime, the fact that you have the time to defend the sanctity of marriage is troubling.

Skip everything else that matters in the U.S., let’s block someone else’s rights.

Essentially, that is all you are doing by going out of your way to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage.  (Yes, I’m looking at you, North Carolina.) And it’s the same sort of attitude that barred interracial marriage as recently as the 1960s. (For the pop junkies, yes, “Mad Men” times.)

It’s ridiculous, and sad to oppose fellow tax-paying citizens the right to wed.

After all, these same wedding warriors didn’t make a peep about the sham that was Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, or any coupling wrought by ABC’s “The Bachelor.”

Please, please, please learn the difference between supporting something and not going out of your way to prevent it.

Because that difference is what makes this country worth living in.

Congratulations to people in love who now have more support for enjoying the protections of marriage.  And condolences to those who can’t find it in their hearts to leave them be.

Now, your turn to weigh in.  You can disagree, of course, but please, be civil.  I’m a certified troll-trouncer.




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