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It’s Truesday: “Whatever I Am, You Made Me”

If you have not watched the last episode of “True Blood,” i.e. “Whatever I Am, You Made Me,” bookmark this page and be on your way.

I will not suffer your spoiler accusations.  Heck, I wait until Tuesdays aka Truesdays, to even discuss the show, out of respect for you.  (Just come back and discuss once you’ve had your date with the DVR.)

Okay, those who are Facebook fam know how this goes, but for those new to the party, Truesday goes like this… I make four to six points about the episode and then you are free to agree/disagree or challenge my understanding of how the universe was created.


Here we go, yo:

1.  Loving Single Sookie.

No, not Sookie, the character.  Her, I still cannot stand.  I just like the fact that not only are Bill and Eric both over her, they are involved in a romantic rendezvous with a beautiful, sultry and mysterious member of the Authority.  BTW: Hats off to Bill for finally getting the drop on Eric in this treacherous triangle. But back to Sookie, did you cheer aloud when Pam cussed her out and shoved her arse clear across the bar?  Well, I did.  Ain’t nobody ‘shamed.  Speaking of glam Pam:

2. Making the Pam

Y’all know I adore Pam.  She is one of my favorite characters on the show…scratch that, on TV, period.  But to believe that this one-time  tough-as-nails Heidi Fleiss-like head of a brothel simply met Eric and instantly wilted into a co-dependent, crying mess begging to be turned before she died old and disease-ridden?  Come on, son.  She had some time before that level of depression, it seemed.  That scene where she forced Eric to make her by slitting her wrists and giving him the “choice” to watch her die or vamp her out….blech.  I get that it reinforced her damn near nonexistent guilt about turning, then abandoning Tara, but they resolved this intriguing plotline far too quickly.  I’ll only add back a half point for adding in an early showdown between Eric, Bill and Bill’s crazed maker, Lorena.  No wonder they hated each other so much before this current Authority-forged bromance.

3.  Fairy Dust

Was that annoying dude who caught Jessica’s attention in the boutique a fairy?  Man, I hoped that line of bull would go the way of society’s interest in Paris Hilton.  As if they don’t have enough side characters cooking on this busy little show, they’ve got to bring back those irritating elfin folk.  I’d rather see the witches return.  (No, not really.)

4.  Another Day in Taradise

You know the only character who bugs me more than Sookie is Tara, though I kind of like her a wee bit more now that she’s fanged, quieter and extremely hateful toward her one-time BFF and cousin, Lafayette. However, her suicide attempt was stupid.  Trying to get dusted in a tanning bed, really, in the middle of the night?  Like she couldn’t wait for sunrise?  We all know Pam is going to save her.  Not so much if she tried to meet the sun.  Boooring.

5. Lafayette: Witch Way Is Up?

Poor La.  First, he’s shorn of his possum-hide hairdo, his cousin rises from the dead as a vengeful vamp and now, someone slipped a lucha libre mask on his head while he’s cooking.  Just kidding.  The mask really signifies the return of that whole brujo mess, and I’m not down for that.  Nor am I down for putting bleach in gumbo. That is a surefire way to waste shrimp.  Inexcusable.

6. Deuce Bigalow Grows Up

I was starting to think there was nowhere for this dimwitted, were panther loving-character to go, but now I’m starting to have hope for some depth and development.  His sad reunion tryst with the teacher who taught him what he knows about the birds and the bees, plus his rejection of Jessica’s advances actually touched me…something that sadsack scene between Arlene and Terry Balfour just didn’t do.  Will someone please tell those two to get back in the deep background?

Your turn: What were your favorite/least favorite scene or plotline? Are their characters you can’t get enough of, and ones you wish would meet the true death? Me, I cannot wait for the rise of Russell Edgington.  Throwback video and best “True Blood” scene below. My only regret is he didn’t stop by the set of FOX News.


Post your thoughts on this week’s episode below…






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