Film — 30 July 2012
True Blood: “Somebody That I Used to Know” Recap/Analysis

A witch named Tabatha.  A doll come to life.  A zombie.

I always thought NBC’s supernatural soap, “Passions,” was absolute nonsense and refused to watch it after a handful of episodes.

That is, until now.

Because you cannot tell me what they were doing on that show isn’t about the same as what’s going on right now on “True Blood.”  Plotlines are careening out of control, over-emoting is a pandemic and the flashback action is outrageous…and irritating.

Though last week was somewhat of a reprieve from TB’s descent into madness, I watched some of Sunday’s episode, “Somebody That I Used to Know” cringing on my couch.   There was so much wrong, I scarcely know where to start, but you know me.  I’ll do my best and even start with some positives.

1. La La’ Palooza

In one of the rare highlights of this ep, LaFayette not only healed his sewn up lips with some V he found in his getaway car, he got some of his groove back.  The character’s give-no-eff attitude and initial refusal to involve himself in that asinine smoke monster subplot cheered me up.  I’m not going to completely applaud his scenes, since he did totally rip off Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost” during an odd seance sequence.  But in all, La La got back to the job of being fierce.  It was about damn time.

2.  Uppity Schmuppity

Yeah, the thing where you call Black people uppity?  Don’t do that.  It never ends well, and I was so glad that Pam and Tara teamed up to give one of Tara’s racist former classmates what for in the glamor to end all glamors. Truth be told, prior to this ep, I was a bit uncomfortable with Pam’s treatment of Tara, as it was falling into a completely unwatchable missy/servant dynamic what with her throwing Tara around and talking to her like a galley slave.  So I’m glad the show somewhat acknowledged that and then turned that scenario on its head to maximum effect. I also thank them for un-crimping Pam’s hair.

3.  Sam I Am

I like Sam, but I really didn’t need to see him cradling himself/Luna after she skinwalked into his image.  Sam’s idea of being the woman he loved involved bugging his eyes out and walking like he had been hit in the calf with a golf club.  The Sam/Luna impression is just about as bad as the Lafayette/ghost impression from last season.  And that was nothing to repeat.

4.  Scene Chewers

Some folk are gnawing on scenes like they haven’t eaten in weeks.  The hit list includes, but is not limited to: Nora (ugghhh, stake her soon), Salome (yeah, over you, doll), Luna/Sam (see above entry), and of course, Terry and Arlene have devoured the entire set with their overwrought acting.  In fact, I think the over-emoting is contagious.  Enter Bill’s dying daughter in a flashback that showed her begging to be turned in a voice so shrill I swear I heard a dog howling up the street.  Easy, people..  Awards season is a country mile away.

5.  Naked Truth

I love Alcide.  I love Alcide in the buff.  He’s got a super sexy bawdy, word to “Magic Mike.”  But to just add scenes of him shirtless, pantless and shoeless for no obvious reason makes it feel like “True Blood” is being hacked by a softcore porn movie, mid-way through.  I am, however, glad to see he is over Sookie.  As if.

6. Pot Heads

I’m intrigued by the vamp who killed Sookie and Jason’s parents, but is it just me, or did dude come off as a poor man’s Voldemort with fangs?  First, the TB writers rip off “Lost’s” smoke monster and now, not even J K Rowling is safe.  Oy vey.

Overall, I was not impressed and I am hearing from friends and fellow fans that they too are being turned…away from “True Blood.”

How about you?  Did you enjoy this episode or did it suck? Do you like where the show is headed?

Weigh in below…





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