My Faves TV — 13 August 2012
True Blood: “Gone, Gone, Gone” Recap and Analysis

**slow clap**

That is my reaction to “Gone, Gone, Gone” the latest, and quite possibly the greatest episode of an otherwise sucky season.

It was touching.  It was focused. It was nuanced. And neither Terry nor Arlene showed their weasely faces.

I actually enjoyed my viewing experience, from the continuing mystery of Sookie’s parents’ death to the ensuing clash between vampire and human.  Shocking.  After weeks and weeks of voicing, my displeasure in this space. So I’m happy to write the following #Truesday points and would love to hear what you think of the episode when I’m done.

1. Total Recall

One of the main plot points revolved around Hoyt deciding to go off to Alaska to work on an oil rig.  Much like one of my fellow Truebies, Georgia Garvey, I was pained to watch Hoyt go from a lovable good ol’ boy with mama issues into a willing appetizer for any vampire who’d have him at Fangtasia.  His broken heart over Jason and Jessica’s betrayal then pushed him over into extremist territory and he was ready to join the supe-killing posse that injured Sam, Luna and (quite nearly) Luna’s daughter.  But I applaud the writers for doing his character justice and allowing him to man up and leave the town that pretty much kept him down.  Watching Jessica grant his “final” wish to glamor him into forgetting both her and his former best bud, Jason, actually brought a tear to this jaded (and fading) fan’s eye.  Jason’s later emotional breakdown when he encountered a post-glamored Bubba…  Well, let’s just say that old tear went on and fell.

2. Tech Support

I was so disappointed that they killed my girl, portrayed by Tina Majorino, because she refused to catch the religious fervor running through the AVL. But hey, it was inevitable after her planned escape with Eric.  I had no doubt that the tall drink o’ water would survive the episode, but I got nervous for him after that Bloody Mary aka Lillith appeared to him and his so-annoying “sister,” Nina.  If only Godric had been able to dispense with her, but I have a good feeling the fallen super vamp made his point.  I don’t believe for one second, despite his ring-kissing session with Russell, that Eric drank the Kool-Aid Lillith’s blood.  (I mean, can the writers be any less discreet with their analogies?)

3.  Bible Beating

Speaking of ham-handed analogies, I’m wondering when some of those who have been otherwise focused on important religious issues, such as defending the beliefs of the Chik-fil-A founder, will wake up and smell the protest.  I’m not trying to draw the heat, but the “converted” vamps’ hypocrisy, blind belief and penchant for forcible conversion is just itching for a write-in campaign. Yes, it’s just a fictional soap opera with fangs, but this plot arc is pretty much an all-out assault on religious zealots from all walks of life.  When Jessica gently tried to tell Bill his insistence she read the vampire tome reminded her of her struggles with her uber-conservative family’s Bible study habit, I could practically see the burning torches heading to HBO’s door.

4.  Miss Congeniality

Don’t hold me to this, but it occurred to me that Sookie is way more likeable this season.  It seems when she’s not the meat in a supernatural sandwich or going around getting other folks killed, young Sook is a kind of cool character.  Her chopstick staking of a newly turned vamp who burst into her house during dinner was one of the highlights of the show for me.  And that’s a lot, considering my long-simmering dislike of her plucky, ain’t-I-irresistible schtick.

5.  Dead That

I’m so glad that Marilyn Manson-looking Sheriff met his end, courtesy of Tara and everyone’s favorite scream queen, Ginger.  I’m not sure what kind of problems Tara just brought down on her maker, but it was clear Pam was impressed by her ruthlessness.  The one thing I didn’t like, in the continuing Tara-belongs-to-Pam meme is the “I don’t know nuthin’ bout birthin’ no baby vamps” line Tara used to trick the doomed Sheriff into thinking she killed Ginger in trying to turn her.  Enough already, y’all.  No need to invoke Butterfly McQueen in “Gone with the Wind.”  You’re teetering on the edge as it is…

6.  Respect Your Elders

I squealed a little when Russell Edgington finally got tired of the overwrought Bible study that has become the AVL and let them ninjas know that he was older, and stronger, than all of them put together.  When he went full Edgington and announced he was going to figure out how to day-walk, the look on Salome’s smug face was priceless.  And save my one new crush, Kibwe and Eric, I hope he makes good on his promise to pimp stroll all over their arses if they oppose him.








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