My Faves TV — 21 August 2012
True Blood: “Sunset” Recap and Analysis

Fairy-starved Russell Edgington. Zealot-turned-despot Bill Compton. And Jessica, plenty of Jessica.

More please.

Yes, I did enjoy my #Truesday this week.  It wasn’t as heart-wrenching as last week’s escapade, but there was plenty of action Jackson.  The episode pulled the world ever closer to vampire war, explained the level of Lillith fervor and only backpedaled in the slightest by allowing Arlene to speak a sentence or two.  But as we do every Truesday, here are my takeaways and I look forward to reading yours.

Empty Nest

Soooo, this is why all the vamps are going crazy.  They’re feeding off of each other, plus the Molly-tinged Lillith drops and reading that creepy Bible. I was starting to think Bill was just going for an Emmy with all his shenanigans.  But Pam’s explanation to Jessica that the Vampire Authority had gone nest nuts made me feel much better about their behavior.  I found it interesting because it drew parallels back to an earlier season when Bill had to handle some nesting vampires in a mansion.  Good job fleshing this out, writers. (And yeah, Bill has gone full jerk on us, so please hand him some kind of award for reversing his captain-save-a-Sookie attitude.)

Maker’s Mark

I realize the vampires treat those they turn as progeny, but all this brother-on-sister business between Eric and Nora (yick!), as well as the line that Jessica’s “daddy” was looking for her (aka Bill) got me feeling a bit queasy.  I know it’s not technical incest, but it’s a bit much, y’all.  Easy there with all that talk because you’re ruining what could be some sexy scenes, including Jessica’s faux attack on Jason.  (By the way, her love of Jason was so freaking cute I almost couldn’t stand it when he half-heartedly rebuffed her.)

Fairy Tale

I am not a huge fan of the fairies, particularly since they look like Fantasy Headquarters fright masks when they’re dead.  But I was digging the Elder they introduced in this ep.  Her crazy dancing and pop culture quiz while Sookie was interrogating her about the evil Warlow tickled my fancy.  I also liked that she knew Ke$ha wasn’t a real singer and that, yes, Boyz II Men is the truth.



Vampire Tara continues to own her former human form.   Rutina Wesley should praise the day she went to ground.  Her arc is 100% better as a result.  And her somewhat reconciliation with Jessica also brought a smile to this admitted frenemy of her previous, simpering self.  I am not, however, buying she has feelings for Pam.  It seems more like (see creepy mom/dad/progeny talk) Pam is the tough, but loving mother her crooked wig-looking biological never managed to be.

Arrested Development

Pam, as a mama/maker, is a great one though for taking the rap for her progeny’s crime (of staking the Goth Sheriff).  But she stays arrested, does she not?  How many times has Pam been put in the silvers?  It’s a good thing she owns her own business.  As a repeat vampire felon, she wouldn’t stand a chance seeking gainful employment.

Politically Incorrect

I enjoyed this scene immensely, where the big mouth, cocky General tried to son the Authority in their own lair only to be neck checked by Eric himself.  Killing a high government official with a spine snap might not have been the wisest move, though it did earn Eric and Nora their much-desired ESC from the compound.  But it made for an amusing TV moment.  I watched it twice.

My only real beef with this otherwise exciting episode that is leading to an all-out apocalypto is that they slew my Kibwe.  I realize that Lillith (who really looks like X-Men’s Mystique, only red) drove Bill to madness, but there is no excuse for beheading the second love of my fang banging life apart from Eric Northman. I’m also not understanding how Alcide’s errant father plays into the overall story, other than to provide us an excuse to look at his son’s rippling muscles as he does random, angry manual labor.

Your turn: What did you think of the episode?  Where do you see the plot going?  Who might meet the True Death before it’s all said and done.







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