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Kyra vs Kozi: Real Housewives of Atlanta Divorce Debate

**Chris Farley voice** Well, lookeee here…turns out the Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie, Porsha Stewart, didn’t quite have the perfect life she boasted about in the reality show’s intro.  The beautiful young woman who wed footballer Kordell Stewart occasionally clashed with the other stars of the show for upholding a so-called traditional marriage, in which she seemed to defer to her very bossy, messy hubby about everything from what to wear to whether or not she could visit a Vegas strip club with her girls cast mates.

In recent days, despite her growing popularity,  she announced she was leaving the show because her man didn’t like how he was being depicted.

Unfortunately, it may be all for naught, as Kordell  has filed for divorce.  Ouch!

Credit: Straight from the A shows the couple in happier times.

Typically, I ain’t into reality show shenanigans, but I formed a few opinions about the reportedly doomed union during a day-long Bravo binge to find out what the hell everyone was gabbing about, and my sister/Myth Lab Entertainment co-producing partner, Kozi is a longtime watcher of the show who had some thoughts about this development.

We sisters/BFFs agree on a lot of things, but this clearly ain’t one of them.  Check out our Gchat exchange from earlier today and let us know what you think about this latest Bravo-incited breakup.


Kyra:  U see the Porsha divorce? Youch. Guess the trophy wife got put back on the musty shelf.
Kozi:  No!!!  What????  Reality TV is no joke.
Kyra:  Child…sometimes when you’re forced to look at yourself.
Kozi:  Why did HE get angry?  Isn’t this how the Deion and Pilar mess started?
Kyra:  Controlling men are never going to be good husbands.
Kozi: Now she can stay on the show.  He is too high maintenance and not worth all those requirements.

Kyra:  Even if he was summer time fine and could sing like Maxwell… I would tell that goof to kiss my butt..  He had a very boring life planned for Miss Thang
and funny that he doesn’t want to give her any alimony, but really, he shouldn’t need to. No kids, so be on your way.
Kozi:  She can argue that he got in the way of her business opportunities. He did insert himself into that pageant :)  That man had her on lock down and he should give up some money for being annoying.
Kyra: How does a grown woman get put on lock down? She got to live in luxury, professional makeup applied practically every day,nice  clothes, etc.
in exchange, she sat in a house like a mollusk in a shell.  I say even stevens.
Kozi:  Ha ha!!  He prevented her from marrying a richer and more attractive man.  I’ll take her case on.
Kyra:  Child, she prevented her damn self. This is a good argument.  I should put it in the Kyles Files.
Kozi:  Do it.
And so I did.
Your turn: What do you think of Porsha and Kordell Stewart’s impending divorce?  Was he too controlling?  Does she deserve alimony for putting up with him or is this the price she paid for signing up to be a “trophy” wife?  Join the argument, but keep it civil, please.  This is a family affair.





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