Culture Music — 25 March 2013
Rick Ross Referencing Date Rape in a Lyric: Hell Naw, Son

Hold up.

Wait a mother fracking minute.

I KNOW Rick Ross’s gelatinous, bearded, tatted up tail DID NOT indicate that he slipped a woman a Molly in her champagne,  “took her home and enjoyed that and she didn’t even know it.”  Seriously, read this piece I found on All Hip Hop and listen hard at the 2 minute mark.

If people were infuriated by Lil Wayne’s heinous Emmett Till reference, I bet they better raise their voices and shut this fool down.  He has completely lost it.  Perhaps surviving the wrath of 50 Cent, photographic proof he was in law enforcement and gangland threats has made him believe he is Teflon. Furthering his foolish thought process is the fact that mainstream rappers speak so degradingly of women, and that includes some of the so-called fem-cees themselves (Yassss, you too, Miss Nicki.)

Please, please hit Officer Ricky in his pockets on this.  I’m not making this a woman vs man thing, this is an “idiot” versus “rational, feeling people” thing.  Send Maybach Music a message that this will not stand. In light of the Steubenville case, how could we let this slide?

I gotta go.  Writing my own letter to the label right about now.   And while we’re at it, please read and sign this petition from Sebastien Elkouby, a respected hip-hop consumer who is trying to make industry change:

UPDATE: Shout out to Jesse Menendez and Vocalo for inviting me on air to talk about this hot mess.  Definitely listen to our interview, which starts around the 22:00 mark.  You can tell I’m still mad as hell. 





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