Film — 30 April 2013
Someone Please Call 9-1-1: Wyclef Jean Out to Save Chicago?

Um, Chicago, I’m going to need a show of hands.

Which one of y’all contacted Wyclef Jean and asked him to make Chicago violence his new pet project?

**scans crowd**

I mean, really.  Who called up this shiny body, ashy leg, Ducati-riding kiss-and-tell Wyclef and asked him to re-record “Gone Till November,” but throw some lyrics in there ’bout all the murders going on in Chi-town?

**squints, sees not one hand raised**

Yep, just what I thought. No. Bawdy.

Thanks to eagle-eyed friend of the Files, Wild H. Grand, who brought this monstrosity to my attention and asked my thoughts.

Honestly, after what Sir Jean did to Haiti (and Lauryn Hill), I’m inclined to tell him thanks, but no thanks for his help.

The city definitely needs a savior, but this guitar-strumming attention-slore ain’t him.

Your Turn: I am clearly not warming to Wyclef’s advances, but how about you? Should Chicago embrace any help we get?  Or is this song just another of Clef’s cries for media attention?  Share your thoughts with me any way you like: comments (below), Tweets (@thekylesfiles) or gone and write on my Facebook wall. 






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