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Holding Out for a Hero: Charles Ramsey Deserves “Real” Recognition

“The real hero here is Amanda. She’s the one that got this rolling. We’re following her lead,” said Cleveland Police Deputy Chief Ed Tumba at a press conference this morning. “Without her we wouldn’t be here today.”– ABC News

Let’s take a moment here and re-read this quote from the Cleveland police brass.

I have no issue with the man hailing Amanda Berry, who along with two other victims, were living with their alleged captors in a home, hidden away for nearly a decade and subject to unspeakable horrors.  Yes, Berry took an important step in running to the door and frantically drawing attention to her plight once said kidnappers were out of range.  This action did also help her fellow captives Gina DeJesus, 23, and Michele Knight, 32 who reportedly went missing in two separate cases.

But the person who helped Berry get from banging on a door to standing outside of it is definitely deserving of recognition.  A neighbor, Charles Ramsey, heard the commotion and came to her rescue with another man, helping to beat down that door and release her.

As many of my Facebook and Twitter friends point out, that there is a truly character revealing move. After all, as  Ramsey says, he was at least acquaintances with the men in that house and for all he knew, was getting sucked into a messy domestic dispute.  So many people would have stopped right there.

We all know how that can end and there are three, I repeat, three Castro brothers.

But no matter, Ramsey — whom some are mocking for his mullet and Sweet Brown-esque soundbites– answered the call, and for that, he should receive more than just viral views or the predictable Auto-tune treatment.

Some reports say police had come to the home where these three missing women were being held against their will at least three times and left without even knowing what horrors went on inside.

So though I respect the long arm of the law, they’re not necessarily the heroes either in this case.

That said, why does the police deputy chief feel the need to clarify who is the savior?  All due respect, it certainly wasn’t him.

So, let’s tip our hats to a man who is not only providing us with entertainment, but inspiration.  Charles Ramsey stepped up where others would not.  He involved himself when many would walk away.  Sadly, he himself hints that he knew something was desperately wrong when a “pretty white woman” rushed into “a Black man’s arms.”

But it would be even more desperately wrong if we don’t all open our arms to this upstanding citizen for the role he played in cracking this case.  As I said on Twitter earlier today, he’s not a meme, he’s a real man…and quite clearly, a hero deserving of respect.





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