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Racist Mountain Dew Ad Still Gets My Goat

Updated: Thanks to my production company partner and sister, Kozi, we now have even more insight into how this foolishness came to fruition. And Mountain Dew snatched that video off the face of Mother Earth, but you’ll still get the idea. Check the green additions below.

Thanks Gawd that justice has been served, and this awful ad has been pulled.

Everybody, and I do mean eeeerrybody affiliated with the footage below needs to get slapped.

From the Odd Future “stars” to the director, Tyler the Creator himself. Massive slap.  I’m not even leaving out craft services.  All of them deserve a giant figurative backhand from a Pimp Named Slickback.

So many things wrong with this picture that it’s mind rupturing.  Watch it first, if you can will yourself to do so, and then check off the list with me.

Here is what we are dealing with:

(1) A physically battered White woman looking like the subject of the next “Law & Order: SVU.” (Cha-ching)

(2) A seeming gang of Black male offenders standing in a police line-up alongside a goat.

(3) Aforementioned jive-talking goat who makes Jar Jar Bings deserving of an NAACP Image Award and sounds like a suspect from the aforementioned L&O episode.  (Did this furry SOB really threaten I’m a “dew you up” to the victim?  Did he actually factually make reference to snitches getting stitches?)

What in the what is the explanation for this?  What is funny about it?  How could the supposed genius Creator be so blind as to stagger into stereotypes this colossal aided and abetted by a major brand?  This MTV article, supplied by Kyles Files investigative action team member, Kozi Kyles, sheds some light, but it’s a dim one. 

I do understand that Mountain Dew isn’t exactly the greatest judge of character.  After all, they combed the earth and could only find this giggling gargoyle and Emmett Till-memory defiler to serve as a spokesman.

Then, they went and capped an already idiotic ongoing campaign with this mess.

Yeah, wisely they canned this commercial.  But here’s hoping they stay in deep dew dew for this stupid move.  And word to Odd Future…please, please do not follow Uncle L down the path of wanton, uninformed stupidity.  We really do have to start asking more from these artists because it appears they aren’t asking much of themselves.






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