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Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest Videos Explain the Instant Apology

Hollywood isn’t exactly quick with the mea culpas.

So I chalked it up to her ongoing campaign to be America’s Sweetheart when Reese Witherspoon immediately and effusively apologized a few weeks ago once word got out that she and hubby Jim Toth ran into a lil’ trouble with the long arm of the law.

I gave her credit for owning up to the tomfoolery that ensued from a drunk driving arrest, which included asking the po po if he knew who she was, hopping out of her ride after Mr. Officer told her to remain seated, and then asserting her rights as a citizen of the U.S. Americas like she was Miss Teen USA South Carolina circa 2007.

But I now know this actress, one of my faves actually, had absolutely no choice in the matter.  NOTHING and I mean nothing prepares you for watching the actual footage of Miss Tracy Flick storming her way all up into the middle of an arrest.

TMZ hath snatched her wig tonight!

Here are 5 lessons you can learn from Reese’s mistake.

1.  NEVER run up on the police, even if they’ve got your boo.  Even Tiny, the ultimate ride or die, knows better than this.

2.  Do not outline your American rights on U.S. soil, unless you’re this guy and know (or at least sound like you know) what the fudge you are talking about.

3.  Don’t ever ask anybody if they know who you are.  Who has this actually helped?  Just look what happened to Jaime Lannister when he pulled that type of mess on “Game of Thrones.”


4.  Think hard about what you are actually doing to aforementioned boo, whom you think you’re defending.  He or she might actually get mad at you for making things worse.  Note how Mr. Toth said, at around the 1:28 mark,  that he had nan to do with Reese’s descent into divadom.

5.  Do not channel Dave Chappelle’s “Keeping it Real Gone Wrong” sketch unless you are on set at Comedy Central.  






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