TV — 18 June 2013
It’s Truesday: “Who Are You, Really?”

Aw, snap! “True Blood” is back…as is “Truesday,” my spoiler-filled synopses of the episode’s events.

After an adrenaline rush of season finale, I found the overall pace of “Who Are You, Really?” a bit plodding but so it goes on the show.

Here are the 8 items that stuck out for me during this 6th season premiere, and reminder, steer clear of here if you didn’t watch yet:

1. Welcome to Taradise
Has homegirl been possessed by the spirit of Iyanla Vanzant? What was up with that chicken noodle soup for the soulless she was serving up to Pam? And the sad doe eyes longing for Pam.  Sorry, this pair hath no chemistry.  Bring back Tara’s boxer ex-girlfriend Naomi, stat.

2. Waist of Time
I love Pam, but it sounds like she stopped practicing her accent during the break as she was laying on the Southern comfort a few layers to thick…or perhaps we should blame the insane corset she’s rocking for her odd delivery. I am concerned she might stop breathing if wardrobe doesn’t find something else for her to wear next ep.  Also, I need her to stop slapping and threatening Tara.

3. Billith
Though the sticky bloody footprints and dragging Jessica to him practically by her entrails were a tad much, I do like this new ballsy Bill. And when he survived that staking from Sookie? Whoa buddy. It’s now obvious who has the edge between him and Mr. Eric Northman. (Believe me, Sook, I understand. That is one foinnne man/vampire.)

4. Warlow and Peace
Big ups to “True Blood” for bringing one of my favorite, icy-eyed actors aka Rutger Hauer, in to play the evil Warlow. But hilarious how his reveal occurred as he gave a ride to a disoriented Jason. It was a complete reversal of Hauer’s position in the infamous “Hitcher” flick circa 1986. (I still remember when he rubbed in C. Thomas Howell’s spittle. Bone-chilling stuff.)

5. Governator

Are all governors on cable shows wicked?  First that arse-hat on “Walking Dead” and now this slimeball trying to play the vamps and do something strange for a lil’ change.  We need to keep our eye on this politician, though I do hope the show isn’t going to go all “Too Big to Fail” on us.  You know they love those societal parallels, but come on, son… This ain’t the “West Wing.”

And now, let’s talk throwaway plot points…

6. Fairy Tales
Enough with Andy Bellefleur and his rapidly growing fairy daughters. Another Iyanla moment courtesy of Arlene, queen of the useless storylines.

7. Sister, Sister
Nora, Eric’s so-called sister, is damn annoying. I was praying Jason would get a wooden bullet in her, but not this time around. Too bad. **Mortal Kombat voice** “Finish her.”

8. Threeway Call
Alcide has a killer body, but his storyline is boring. How many packmasters can you cannibalize before it gets old? And that gravelly voiced grandma works me a little bit too. Enough with the werewolves. They’re becoming the new werepanther, and I’ve made no secret about how I feel about those werepanthers.  **shudders**

So, those are my Truesday notes.

Your turn to weigh in: What did you love, hate and is there a development you can’t wait to see next week?





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