Culture Food — 19 June 2013
Paula Deen: Deep Fried in Buttery Bigotry

Ain’t this about a…  and the news just HAD to hit on Juneteenth.

It appears Paula “Butter Fry” Deen is no stranger to dropping n-bombs as well as telling racist jokes, as revealed in a deposition that hit the Webs today and was reported by outlets, including Salon.

If that isn’t enough to drop your jaw, the queen of grease also thought it might be cool to staff a wedding party with Black male servers so she could feel “Gone with the Wind” fabulous like her prejudiced predecessors.

Read the articles in full so you can see what a clown she is, but this is the top quote regarding her visit to a restaurant with serious nostalgia issues as it pertained to the serving staff:

“I mean, it was really impressive. That restaurant represented a certain era in America … after the Civil War, during the Civil War, before the Civil War … It was not only black men, it was black women … I would say they were slaves.”–Paula Deen

Here’s how I feel about her sentiments.  (Hint: Pretend I’m the hand behind the ham.)

We can’t snatch the racist thoughts and words out of a moron’s mouth, but we can hit those pockets.  Here’s how you can show Queen Deen that we’re not about that bigot-supporting life.  Here goes, and feel free to add to the contact list.

Victoza (Diabetes Drug):

Food Network: Boom, done!

Harrahs Casinos with Paula Deen eateries: @HarrahsCherokee, @harrahsjoliet, @harrahstunica,@HorseshoeSoIN They fired her!

Wal-Mart gave her das boot as well!

And please skip purchasing Paula Deen Butter…if you were doing this….’cuz I damn sure wasn’t:

And I’d rather cook over an open fire with a tin can and an old spoon than use her pots and pans.  Gah!

And how in Gawd’s name did we miss this?  Click the HuffPo link to here Paula Deen get in the hot tub time machine and speak of slavery with some kind of perverse wistfulness.

Your turn: What do you think?  Are you shocked that Paula Deen said these things?  Will you abstain from buying her products and watching her on TV?  Or are you a fan who will forgive, forget and keep frying it up in her signature style? Let’s spread the word on this foolishness.  S/O to JET magazine which also ran the piece.




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