My Faves TV — 23 June 2013
“True Blood” Analysis: “The Sun”

Is it just me or does “True Blood” seem sillier and more rudderless than usual?

I am still trying to decide whether it’s the show or that perhaps my tastes have been heightened by its recently departed HBO roomie, “Game of Thrones.”

Regardless, I found episode two to be even more disappointing than the premiere. 

It seems like they are getting too deep into the vampire Bible, throwing in too many characters (per usual), and the whole Warlow storyline is a little too close to the Harry Potter galaxy for my tastes.

The only positives in this episode were my waning lack of disdain for Sookie and the always amazing Deborah Ann Woll, staking the acting competition, as baby vamp, Jessica.  Her reaction to Billith’s…um…novel new way of feeding on a human was exquisitely handled. (BTW, props to the special effects department on that particular scene.)

Overall, other than Bill cracking and draining a human of every ounce o’ blood, here is what stuck out to me, and of course, I am always seeking the feedback of fellow fans. Spoilers ahead, so stay out unless you’re caught up.

1.  Kramer vs Kramer: The Monster Mash

I’m sorry, but for some reason I could care less about the brewing custody battle between the shifters and the werewolves over Emma.  Methinks they are only trying to find a way to keep the muscular gorgeousness that is Alcide on the air.  Meanwhile, Sam can obviously not fight worth a lick as he received a drubbing that left him laid out until the credits rolled.  Where is evil gun-wielding Sam when you need him?

2.  Family Reunion

Whew, was I glad that Rutger Hauer was not Warlow, as I thought in my previous recap.  For clearly, Jason was not prepared on any level for a face-off with what seems to be the “True Blood” answer to Lord Voldemort.

Instead, my beloved “Hitcher” is the fairy grandpappy to Sookie and Jay.  As a result, he is called upon to leap into different dimensions at a moment’s notice and re-emerge with a hankering for spaghetti that looks as if it was prepared by the ghost of Paula Deen’s career.  He also teaches Sookie a trick that looks a lot like the beginnings of the Care Bear stare.

3.  Aw, Sookie Now

Sookie is about 50% more likeable this season, and I ain’t mad at that.  Since the series began, this character has consistently rained down all manner of pluckiness and pouting, rendering me impervious to her so-called charms.  But she’s starting to straighten up to the point where I didn’t even cringe when she met a handsome half-fairy Ben (imagine the odds) and set about fixing his life right away as if she were on OWN.  Perhaps Sook is to damaged supernaturals what Katy Perry is to damaged Hollywood entertainers.

4.  Glamorama

I was embarrassed at Eric Northman’s Scooby Doo-esque plan to subvert the seemingly evil governator of Louisiana.  Capturing a hapless official heading to meet with the gov, putting his clothes on (which didn’t fit) and slicking down his hair to look like a nerd, really? That was the best plan of action hatched by this Nordic god?  The worst part of the whole encounter was the glamor fail that nearly got Eric a meeting with the sun… I certainly hope my fantasy husband isn’t replacing Sookie as the creator of harebrained schemes on the show.

5. Sibling Rivalry

Nora and Pam.  Enough, really.  Pam (never thought I’d write this) is beginning to bug me with her glaring lack of chemistry with Tara, plus her constant, surly sniping at Eric’s sister.  We know the oft-corseted vamp is mean, but right now, she’s just serving brattiness by the bucket load.  Their Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants moment when Nora explains that Eric kept Pam in the dark to protect her didn’t work for me at all.  I haven’t known Pam to be this Tom Petty. (S/O to Danny McBride in “This is the End.”)

And now, for random storylines…

6.  Civil Bites Act

So Jurnee Smollett has joined the show as a freedom rider for fangers and other supers?  Please let her have more to do than this.  I cannot have her be the Rosa Parks of shifters….  I really can not.

7. Smoke and Mirrors

Did they really hearken back to that awful plotline with Terry, Arlene, the cursed smoke monster and his former squad mate, Patrick?  Did they not hear what the hell I, and many others, said last year ’bout that mess?  Trust, that was one story we did not need closure on.  Let’s just pretend it never happened.

So, there it is.  Seven things about the show that stuck out….only two of which was positive.  I don’t know what TB is building up to, but they aren’t even working their mojo in making me want to see what they have in store next episode.

YOUR TURN: What do you think?  Is “True Blood” sucking or are you still on a fangtastic journey?







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