Culture TV — 01 July 2013
True Blood Recap: “You’re No Good”

So, “True Blood” got better this week.  Though it hasn’t reached the heights of  Season 3 (Eric’s mind erasure) or Season 2 (Godric meets the sun), it is definitely picking up enough for me to want to see the next episode.

Faint praise, yes, but an upgrade if you haven’t yet seen my Truesday recaps of episodes 1 and 2 So, here is what stuck out for me most and, as usual, I give the sit-down-somewhere to the most boring plotlines.  Steer clear if you’re not caught up.  Spoilers ahead…

1.  Glamor Girl

If humans were smart enough to come up with anti-glamoring contacts, couldn’t they have come up with a lens you could wear to sleep?  SMH at Eric straight pillaging the governor’s daughter, Willa.  The girl is lucky she had her survival speech ready, promising to share her daddy’s secrets.  Smart move.

2.  Hoods Up

“True Blood” knows it likes to leverage ongoing political situations to make a point.  And the Abu Gharib hoods on Rev. Steve Newlin.  More of the same.  I’d feel sorrier for Steve if he hadn’t been using poor lil’ Emma (the late Luna’s daughter) as a lap dog. Or lap wolf.  You know what I mean.  I did enjoy the reunion with his estranged wife, the Stepford First Lady Sarah.

3.  Snap Back

Looooved LaFayette’s saucy return.  His eloquent explanation of the difference between a threat and “good ass advice” when he was talking to the do-gooder activists.  Worth the watch.  He needs more screen time.  Come on, writers’ room.  More La La, por favor.

4.  Popped a Molly, I’m Sweatin’

What the hell is wrong with Jason Stackhouse?  He’s falling out from headaches, ranting, raving and frothing at the mouth.  And I’d like to know what is in that prescription bottle he thanked LaFayette for…

5.  Sunbathing

Bill really got confused about his powers, huh?  When Mr. Compton stood out there waiting for sunrise I knew it was trouble.  But he went and got arrogant like some of these prosperity preachers.  That flame sandwich he ate out there must not have been too tasty.

6.  Club Dread

I had to snicker at Sookie’s grandfather (Rutger Hauer) channeling Agatha Christie and conducting a CSI investigation at the fairy nightclub ravaged by Warlow.  I thought that spot had closed due to noise violations and overly bad decor.

7.  Bad Bill

Bill straight ROLLED UP on Sookie.  No invitation needed.  And his Tennessee Williams politeness is gone, like the last drop of Lillith’s blood.  When he told Sookie he was going to take her blood and get it replicated, no matter what… Floored.  And what she said in return:  “You’re not a god, you’re just an asshole.”  Help.  I got weak.  Definitely a forever break-up for these two.  If Eric still wanted her, this would be a good time to be the clean-up vamp.

8.  Ben There, Done That

What is up with Ben Flynn? That is, aside from the goofy name.  Is dude sketchy or what?  I feel like he might be an envoy of Warlow or perhaps even Warlow.  He can’t be sensed.  He was writhing around acting like he got attacked by a vamp, but wasn’t so messed up he couldn’t recover.  And this ep, he was looking for fairyland and now, voila, fairyland has been decimated, per Club Dread note above.  Raise your hands if you think he’s on some craziness…

And now….for the annoying plotlines.  You knew this was coming.


9.  Father Hood

Get Andy Bellefleur and his rapidly growing tweens out of my TV screen.  Please.  And trying to put him back with Holly.  Eh, not interesting. I guess there will be a Bill connection to Bellefleur’s fairy daughters, but that does NOT mean I find this side mess interesting.

10.  Pillow Talk

Ol’ girl Willa trying to chat up Eric while he was “dead.”  Hilarious.  Looked like a bad one-night stand to me.  And just as awkward. 

11.  Warlow Watch

I know you’re surprised to see this on here because Warlow is a major plot point, but all this mess about him coming…I just say show up or shut up.  Whenever he’s supposed to be lurking around, it reminds you of a Brink’s Security commercial.  If he’s so bad, why would he be hanging around in the bushes for the fairy grandfather to find? 




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