TV — 13 August 2013
It’s Truesday: “Life Matters” True Blood Recap

Well, I didn’t hate “True Blood” this week.

Steve Newlin finally met the sun, Pam got revenge on her pervy therapist and that sexy Jason got healed by Eric.  Best of all, Alcide didn’t say too much of anything nor did he do that irritating growl.  But it wasn’t all good.  There was an episode long funeral for Terry Bellefleur and we were again sent to that high school stage set where Warlow is stuck whining and pining for his fairy princess.

Check out my thoughts on the aforementioned, plus the rest of “Life Matters” below.

Bill Collector

Wow, those vamps really lit into Mr. Compton who offered his sunlight drenched blood to save them from a toasting.  They drank him like he was a 40-oz and passed him around, dang near ripping all his 90s emo rocker gear in the process.  The heavy-handed Christ analogy was in full effect, but I won’t lie. His scene featuring the Lillith trio was a little over the top though.  They look like blood crusted, naked Palmer Girls.


Last Rites

Who is Terry Bellefleur’s agent?  The man not only got the longest funeral service in life, he got to pop up in a series of vignettes. (Speaking of which: They might have wanted to give Andy some hair for them flashbacks though. Son looked the same age as ever.) Most of the goodbyes were long and boring, though I will acknowledge tearing up a bit at Sookie’s story of how Terry loved Arlene at first sight.  But the Arlene memory was a lil’ much.  Telling how Terry was her personal La Leche when she first had their baby wasn’t exactly the memory I was expecting.  And shouldn’t Mikey be older?  He was that age when he was nearly ghost-napped. Come on, folks…work on the continuity.

Sarah’s Song

I do not for one minute believe that Jason Stackhouse would let Sarah Newlin go after all that she did.  While I see how he couldn’t shoot her in the face, why not just have him serve her up to the vamps she had been torturing?  Listen, writers, her pantsuit game is on point and she can definitely run in heels, but she is not a great villain.  Let it go.  She need not return next season a la Russell Edgington.

Flight Risk

I truly enjoyed the return of bad boy Eric.  He had been, to date, a sniveling, Nora-mourning, Scooby Doo character costume-switching fool.  But when he laid waste to the detention camp and freed all his fellow fangers, it was a joy to behold.  But where in the hell did Eric go at the end of the episode?  Did he have a Southwest flight to catch?  **automated voice** You are now free to move about the country.

YOUR TURN: One episode left.  Will it be satisfying, or would you rather hang out in Warlow’s cheap, shiny dimension tied to a tree with an old jumprope.  Weigh in and let me know.






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