Music — 11 November 2013
Play List: “Talk to Me” and “Phantom Land”

I can’t leave rap alone, the game needs me.

That explains why the Kyles Files is back on it, after a brief hiatus with some hot fire for your headphones.  Here are two tracks I am currently playing as inspiration for even more posts of my favorite underground sounds.  Do listen, and if you know of more excellent and lyrical items, send them to

Track #1: “Talk to Me,” A.M. featuring Sohje

The insightful lyrics on life and the lilting, haunting vocals by Sohje put this squarely on my playlist.  I listened to this Greystorm-produced masterpiece three times in a row before I was able to wrestle free and move on to other things.   Do let me know if you feel the same after a listen to “Talk to Me.”

Track #2: “Phantom Land” Rediculus featuring Nicky Spesh and FDot1

Speaking of haunting, this spare, basement-level instrumental will seep into your psyche, aided by international flair.  Open up your earbuds and check the word.




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