Music — 22 December 2014
Excerpt: Waka Flips It On Us…What?


Who needs bars?

Being lyrical is almost scoffed at in a day and age where an artist (cough) Shy Glizzy (cough) can get a hit by rhyming: “I’m so awwwsome; I’m out here like a possum.”

We’ve got Young Thug out here sounding like a Lil’ Wayne adlib and everybody knows Migosall need to sit down talking about they “cook like a professor.”  (Who? A professor at a culinary school?  I don’t get it.)

But before you start saying I’m slamming today’s music, we can trace the disdain for metaphors, similes and common sense back further to Soulja Boy Tell ‘em deriding Lupe Fiasco for having the nerve to put thought into his albums.  And the grandfathers of terrible rap: 2 Live Crew.


This is why it brought joy to my heart to hear Waka Flocka borrow over-achiever J. Cole’s track to bless us with this.  Social message. Check.  Lyricism. Check.  Rhymes that we don’t need rapgenius to understand.  Double check.

Earbuds needed, as this ain’t no nursery rhyme.  It does sound like the work of Cole, Kendrick Lamar and others are getting some of these others thinking they should imitate Avis and “try harder.”

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