About The Files

Meet your new source for keeping tabs on pop culture: the Kyles Files.

I’m Kyra Kyles, a multimedia journalist and film-maker based out of Chicago who has worked for, and with, outlets including the Chicago Tribune RedEye, the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Public Radio, WGN-TV, BBC Radio, CNN and even Australia-based CBS radio station.

Suffice it to say, I’ve been around the block when it comes to pop culture and its impact on our society from the fashions we wear to our views on race and culture. I’m also intrigued by the incredible influence of that species we call celebrities, so I interview and analyze them hoping to extract some useful life lessons from their antics.

Don’t think it can be done? Try and tell me LiLo doesn’t have you scared straight from substance abuse. Say that the dangers of sexting haven’t been impressed upon you by Rep. Anthony Weiner. And I’m willing to bet you six Starbucks that you haven’t jumped on a couch in demonstration of your newfound love since you saw Tom Cruise do it on “Oprah.” You get the picture.

With feedback from you, I’ll keep adding to the archives by interviewing celebs, talking to taste-makers, assessing trends, and pointing out the errors of those who live in the celebrisphere through my daily “For Your Information” segment. I’m also available for TV and hosting appearances.

I’ll also stay true to my hip-hop roots by running a weekly contest to help discover the next wave of talented, lyrical MCs and producers. Winners will be featured by one of a number of my media partners locally and nationally, so bring your best material, artists.

You see? These files are filled with useful material, and you won’t even get a paper cut.