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As a 15-year veteran of the professional journalism game, my cup of clips overfloweth.
Here’s a sampling of the Kyles Files’ writings, TV appearances, live stage shows, radio interviews and more…

EDITORIAL WORK Editorial on Street Harassment  | Read  HERE.

JET Cover Story on “Best Man: Holiday” | Read an excerpt HERE.

JET Cover Story on Mike Tyson | Read an excerpt HERE.

Game of Thrones (Editorial)
Description: An editorial about a shocking casting decision on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” | Read full PDF

“FootWorKingz” (Feature Article)
Description: A look at a dance trend straight out of Chicago and poised for international acclaim. This profile featured young Chicagoans who were finalists in “America’s Got Talent.” Watch their feet! | Read full PDF

Father’s Day (Editorial)
Description: A tribute to the gone, but never forgotten W. Louis Kyles, and an appeal to celebrate fathers everywhere. | Read full PDF

Butcher (Feature Article)
Description: Chefs? Puh-leaze. Butchers are the new rockstars of the foodie realm, as this RedEye article details. | Read full PDF

Expunge (News Article)
Description: How do the state’s expungement laws affect those in the 18-34 demographic? Check out what legal expert and Fox-TV pundit Tamara Holder has to say about the facts and myths on clearing your record. | Read full PDF


Discussing race on NBC-Chicago:

The Kyles Files maintained a TV presence for the last six years, appearing on the airwaves of CLTV, WGN-TV, WFLD-TV and even WLS-TV as a respected pop culture pundit. Her WGN-TV segment, The Kyles Files, was a viewer favorite every Thursday during the 5 p.m. newscast. Here’s one in particular that popped out at me:

Broadway, here she comes. True to the notion that today’s journalist must represent in all media, the Kyles Files was a repeat performer at the Chicago Tribune’s “Chicago Live” stage show. Kyra Kyles appeared in three shows, interviewing local movers and shakers and comic Aisha “Talk Soup” Tyler, the latter of whom was kind enough not to rib her about a seeming six-inch height differential.


The Kyles Files is a frequent contributor to WBEZ-FM, particularly the venerable Eight Forty Eight Show hosted by Allison Cuddy. She also has been featured on WVON-AM, WGN-AM and BBC Radio. Check out the mellifluous voice right here in this CLIP: